What Are The Different Types Of Advertising?

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“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.” – Jef I. Richards

Advertising is the base of any company’s marketing strategy. Businesses can now choose from diverse online or offline advertising options. Ads reach people browsing the internet reading newspaper, watching television, listening to radio, or even walking around town. To determine the right type of advertising for its needs, a company should consider diverse factors such as its budget, its target audience, and more. Businesses have a wide variety of traditional and digital advertising options. Effective digital advertising methods to reach a wide audience range from banners to branded websites, viral videos, and PPC ads. At the same time, businesses can also use traditional ads on television, radio, newspaper, magazine, direct mail, and billboard designs. A professional advertising agency will be experienced with both marketing strategies.

Let’s look at different types of digital and traditional advertising options that you can use to promote your business.

Paid search ads

Paid search ads are an important aspect of digital marketing. Investing in effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads and strategies help brands to get more quality leads and thus improve business. With this advertising tool, an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. PPC ads can be divided into two categories – search advertising and display advertising. Display ads are often found along the top or sides of web pages. These ads aim for quick conversions. Using the right keywords and setting ad groups form the backbone of any campaign. Choose keywords that your target audience uses to search for services and products similar to yours. To increase the return on investment (ROI) on these campaigns, make sure to set ad goals, provide content based on the type of audience, enable ad extensions, add clear call to action, perform regular PPC audits and research competitor campaigns.

Social media ads

More and more people are joining social media every day, which makes social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram an ideal option to expand your reach. Visual experience of your ads matter in increasing leads and sales and to choose your platform based on where your audience. To get best out of the social ads, use Facebook and Instagram Live to get in touch with your customers and prospects, influencer marketing, and Instagram carousels. Create quality video content and ensure visibility of ads using hashtags.

Email ads

Email ads are a part of an email marketing strategy. This is a cost effective and an effective digital marketing strategy to convey messages to prospective customer faster. Examples of email ads include brochures, discount coupons, catalogs and newsletters. Make sure to group your customers based on location, and demographics, and send emails based on their specific needs. Include attractive images and informative videos in your content and ensure your emails are mobile responsive. Also, keep your message short and concise.

Native advertising

Native advertisements aim to provide consumers with valuable information via social media feeds, or as recommended content on a web page. It is important for native ads to be strategic and follow the patterns and interests of a business’s target audience. These ads may appear in the form of articles or videos or content recommendations on websites that are already hosting similar materials.

Print ads

With the right goals in mind, traditional types of advertising are also as effective as digital options. Traditional advertising refers to delivering promotional messages through mass media. Print advertising refers to advertisements in mass media such as – newspapers, magazines, brochures, directories, flyers and posters and direct mail. To advertise among a specific group or type of people, get your ads published in specialty magazines. Make sure your ad has colorful, attractive images.

It would be a good idea to work with an experienced marketing agency in your area for professional assistance with your marketing tasks. An expert can help you choose the right advertising method to suit your business goals and attract your target audience.

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