Modular Signage

Are you looking for an elegant yet robust signage solution to match your brand’s unique persona and elevate its look and feel?

Creating a buzz in the advertising arena, modular signage and display is considered the most long-lasting marketing strategy that helps improve brand visibility. One of the primary visual elements that people see, the right modular sign system can enhanceyour brand’s look and feel, and make your business more appealing. At Spacead, we are known for our creative excellence in offering wide-ranging, effective digital signage solutions for a range of business environments and clients in South India. With about 18 years of experience in the field of advertising, we understand the signage business and know that the right sign can make all the difference. By carefully analyzing your requirements, we design innovative and eye-catching signage that will certainly leave an impact on your customers.


With Spacead, you can be confident about every aspect of your project, starting from design through production to installation, which will be carefully evaluated by our professional and skilled team members. Our design team consists of graphic and industrial designers, architectural technicians, way finding, signage and brand specialists. Our modular sign system is designed to suit the spirit of its surroundings, communicating information precisely without being intrusive.

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What Makes Our Modular Signage Unique?

We are committed to delivering unique signage solutions, superior workmanship and excellent customer service. We offer a cost effective, professional and easy to update signage solution that is suitable for any settings (both interior and exterior). Key benefits of our signboards modular system include

Modular Signage Services – What We Offer

At Spacead, we design modular sign systems after paying careful attention to your specific requirements and how we can meet those perfectly. These modular signs come in a wide variety of components that work together to create the custom look that a brand seeks. We provide door signs, directional signs, projecting signs and wall signs in different sizes and shapes to suit a wide range of purposes.

Also, it is simple to add further modules to existing signs. We offer the following types of modular signage systems

Acrylic channel letters
Internal sign boards
Indoor mini to tems (Lighted and Non Lit)
Aluminum signs
Way-finding sign boards
Illuminated exit signs
LED glow signboards
Floor directories
Totems & Pylons (Lighted & Non Lit)

At Spacead, we bestow our passion for material, design, and function into every project we take on, thereby delivering world class modular signs and displays, within the assured budget line. We will be delighted to help you with your project.

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