What Are The Major Benefits Of Vinyl Stickers? [Infographics]

Vinyl Stickers
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Stickers are popular marketing tools and can be printed on paper or vinyl. Vinyl stickers offer a premium finish and are an excellent option to showcase your brand. With customized vinyl printing services, businesses can create stickers to meet their specific needs. Available in rolls and cut-to-size, vinyl stickers are environmentally-friendly and release lower emissions of chemicals into the environment.

Vinyl stickers comprise two layers – a decorative layer and a paper covering. The front of the decorative layer has the design and its backside is adhesive. Cut vinyl cut stickers are used for diverse purposes and come in two main types – die-cut and kiss-cut stickers. These stickers remain undamaged even in harsh weather conditions. There are multiple vinyl sticker options and they can be completed in various shapes and sizes.

There are different types of vinyl stickers in the market such as clear vinyl stickers, high tack, fluorescent, metallic, and waterproof vinyl stickers and labels. While clear stickers can blend with the background and create an eye-catching effect, high tack options are very durable and can last and stay where they are for a long time. Fluorescent or neon stickers are the best option to catch attention quickly and come in yellow, orange, green, and red. Metallic vinyl stickers have a silver or gold sheen and are ideal when you want a luxurious look.

Check out the infographic below

Vinyl Stickers

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